Spiced Peach “BAW”

So today I decided to try a peach big ass waffle.  I got some fresh peaches from a vendor on Saturday and they are so ripe and sweet.  I used half a peach cut up and mixed into the waffle mix and saved the other half as a topping!  I used the original recipe for the waffle which is from Mudhustler who can be found on instagram and Facebook.  I added a sprinkle of cinnamon because I love cinnamon with peaches.  I really wanted a creamy topping but I was out of my cool whip lite so instead I just used maple syrup from Walton Farms which is 0 points for those of you who do weight watchers.

This waffle was pretty good.  I do believe it would be better with whipped cream or cool whip lite as a topping.  I think I would even like it with a cream cheese topping…hmm something to remember for next time!

Spiced Peach Big Ass Waffle

May not be very pretty but it taste wonderful!

Original baw recipe from Mudhustler 

1 scoop vanilla Quest protein powder

1/4 cup kodiak cakes Power cakes powder

3tbsp liquid egg whites

2/3 cup cold water

Sprinkle of cinnamon

1/2 ripe peach diced up

Remember to spray your waffle iron so the waffle is easy to remove.  I use baker choice spray with flour.  

Mix all ingredients and pour into hot waffle iron.  Allow to cook completely.

Remove waffle add the rest of the peach and cream or syrup of your choice!  Enjoy! 

3 smart points* for the whole thing

*based on the recipe as is on this post


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