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Willow Tree Pendant

I was asked to make a willow tree pendant with a butterfly charm the other day.  I had seen these in Pinterest and have been wanting to give them a try so this was the perfect opportunity.  The customer wanted green beads in the tree as spacers.  I suggested a smaller bead but she wanted the larger one.  

I must say she was right in her choice.  The tree came out beautiful!  This was not a hard tree to make but it was a little tedious 😜.  
I think the worst part for me was cutting the chain.  No matter how hard I tried those little pieces of cut chain flew everywhere.  I think next time I may try cutting it under a box of something.  Here is the chain I used.  I wanted a smaller chain so as not to take away from the overall design.

Another tough part was trying to keep the chain pieces all going to the front.  I finally figured out a way to hold the pendant while threading the beads and chain so that they all stayed in the right position.  I held the piece by the bail and turned it flat upside down while threading.

I really like the final piece and I am looking forward to making more.  I think a blue one is next!!

That’s all for now, take care friends and go do some “More Creating”!!


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