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Double Green Pendant

Jewelry making has recently become a favorite pastime for me.  I used to make jewelry several years ago but gave it up.  Now that I am a stay at home mom I have more time to pick up the hobby again.  I have actually made a little money at it which is nice.  I am also going to be selling my jewelry at a local artisan shop near me.  A lot of people have told me I sell my stuff for way to cheap, but I enjoy making it and I don’t want it to become a full time job.  I would really like to make just enough to pay for my rental space and supplies, maybe a pedicure here and there!

Yesterday I made up a quick cute little green pendant.  Really this takes minimal supplies and not all that much time, maybe an hour or two.


I used Zebra wire, coated copper wire with silver finish to wrap the beads, three pieces of 20 gauge wire about 6 inches long.  If your beads are larger you will want longer wire pieces.  The wrapping wire is also Zebra Wire, coated copper silver finish 28 gauge.  I leave my wrapping wire on the spool until I finish that way I don’t run out.  I have just started getting my wire from Fire Mountain Gems.  They have great daily deals on just about all wire, beads or jewelry making tools.  The beads are just cute little glass beads in green that I picked up from Hobby Lobby.

I like to use a clamp to hold my wires because my hand tends to get tired.  I got this clamp from Home Depot.  They have several sizes this one is a 4″ clamp.  I like that the tips are covered in vinyl.  this keeps my wire from getting scratched.  It also helps prevent my wire from sliding.


Once you gather all of your supplies you can start wrapping.  I did a simple wrap from a YouTube video from Oxanacrafts.  If you are wanting to do any wire-wrapping I suggest her videos, they are great tutorials.


Once you wrap your wire to where it is long enough to wrap around your bead (again I used the video above).  You can just finish it off.  I never really know what to do with my ends so I usually just use the swirls.

And here you have the finished product.  This little cutie is going to be a gift for a friend!

The products on this page are from my personal use only.  I am not being paid to endorse these products.


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