Rainy Tuesday

This week started with rain and it is still raining.  Sure there has been a few breaks in the rain but not really enough to do anything outside.  I was able to get to the store before it really started so that  was good.  This is a good day to sit and read a book with a nice cup of hot tea!

Right now I am not reading a good book because I had a few things to do first.  Also I get sidetracked really easy.  I will start doing one thing then 10 minutes later I will find myself doing something totally different.  Eventually I do finish what I started with but it may take time getting around to it.  ☺

I decided to get some bracelets made up for the shop then I looked at my work desk and just couldn’t bring myself to go near it. File_000

I mean just look at that!  When I start working on something I just get in a zone and then I just leave it and think I will eventually get back to it!  Well this has been like this for over a week now.  So I decided it was time to “get back to it”.  The problem is once I start working again I know it will just be the same mess all over.  Anyway here is is all cleaned up and ready to start the mess all over again.


Till next time, go do some More Creating!


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