Pretty Blue

I have just recently started making wire wrapped jewelry.  I enjoy making these tiny works of art.  I am going to be selling my items in a small local artisan shop beginning in April.  I usually make a piece then wait a week to put it in the shop.  So if you are interested in purchasing a piece let me know!  Here are a few pieces from today.

These pretty rings are blue stones with silver coated copper wire.  The first is a crystal cut glass bead and is a size 8.  The second is a cateye bead in a size 7.5.  Each ring is $10.

This is a bracelet I made using the same cateye bead as the ring above.  Wouldn’t they look great together?  The bracelet is $15.

Don’t forget I am going to be putting these in the shop next week so if you are interested let me know.  Also I do custom orders so if you see something you like ask me about making it in your color choices.  My pieces are one of a kind but I can get close to recreating what you see.


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